Gingero (20cl)


Gin + Ginger = Gingero. So much is clear (okay, we’ll forget about a couple of other ingredients). But wait, is this a spirit? A cocktail? A liqueur? A shot drink? An omni-versatile mix ingredient? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes! That is … does it matter?! All that really matters is that GINGERO is brutally delicious, with a ginger kick you just knów you’ve been looking for after the first sip.

Perfect for any occasion, and the people around you will put you on a pedestal instantly for bringing a truly original and great drink into their lives. But we won’t be watching if you just keep this for yourself as a small treat — straight up or mixed (possibly even in your innocent cup of tea). The fact that all this ginger is accidentally healthy is a nice add-on (which doesn’t mean we’d recommend to finish the bottle at breakfast).

Put it in the freezer or leave it on the shelf, take it pure or mixed, you can’t go wrong with GINGERO.

GINGERO. Ginger-based. Semi-dry. Gin-powered. Spirit-strong (33%). Shot-proof. Super-delicious.