Heatrium Lemon (20cl)


Finally a LIMONCELLO that is actually delicious … for once not overly sweet, stronger than normal, higher on lemon, and with a pepper kick! That makes our HEATRIUM LEMON (a.k.a. limoncello) the perfect drink for summer, winter, spring, and, what the hell, also autumn!

So what did we do? We listed everything that you would normally like to have a bit different given the average limoncello, and designed our own to make it all better! So … less sweet, higher on lemon, stronger in alcohol (33%), and … gently infused with pepper to give it a kick! The variations with this are endless: take a glass to calmly enjoy, take it as a shot, mix it with soda or whatever, put it in your dessert … It’s fantastic no matter what you do with it!

HEATRIUM LEMON. Semi-dry. Spirit-strong. Lemon-balanced. Pepper-shaken. Shot-proof. Super-delicious.