Heatrium Paste (125g | 220g)


HEATRIUM PASTE is our delicious home made SAMBAL (aka hot sauce, but it is really a paste, not a sauce). This is not your average oelek, badjak, or brandal. It is in fact wholly different from anything else on the market. More that that, it’s in fact a bit addictive.

Although it is made with the hottest pepper on the planet (Carolina Reaper), we’ve managed to make it actually relatively mild, making it one of the most versatile secret taste ingredients, to put in and on everything! Put it on your ham or cheese sandwich. Cook with it. Put it in your omelet, soups and marinades. Explore!

Ingredients: onions, soy bean paste, dried tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, agave syrup, oil, garlic, preservative E202