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Be warned!

  1. Some of this is HOT. If you can’t stand (the) heat, don’t try.
  2. It’s only natural: products may change color in time.
  3. It is hand made: taste & intensity may vary a bit per batch.
Delicious home made SAMBAL (aka hot sauce, but it is more a paste than a sauce). The basic version (which sounds basic but is rich in itself – nothing like standard, in fact our own favorite) can be given a taste bias, so you can have:

Basic      Ginger      Seaweed
Chipotle  ∗  Curry      Cocos
Tamarind      Mix of all

Put it in and on everything! Cook with it. Put it on your ham or cheese sandwich. In your omelet. In soups and marinades. Explore!

Small (125 g)   € 3,95   (+ € 0,50 for non-basic)
Big (220 g)       € 5,95   (+ € 1,00 for non-basic)

Onions, water, soy beans, rice, salt, dried tomatoes, chili peppers, trinidad peppers, palm syrup, honey, garlic, E202
Our INSANE HOT WODKA will blow your mind, or at least your senses! This is not a sit back & relax drink – it is an experience. It is a perfect daredevil gift or challenge at parties.

Beware though: you cannot mess with this stuff. Just take tiny sips, no shots. Be sure to explain to others what they are about to drink.

Oh, yeah: acute hiccups are normal for 30% of those who dare to try this.

Small tube (4 cl)       € 3,75
Bigger cube (10 cl)   € 8,95

Wodka (alc. 37,5%), Carolina Reaper
How deceptive can your lovely sweety get? This HOT CHOCOLATE is about as deceptive as it gets – and it gets you from the inside.

Perfect for sweet addict daredevils, or as a surprise side serving with dessert at dinner parties.

Comes in dark or milk, but that doesn’t really matter for what happens next. If you can stand it, you will absolutely love it!

A box of small chocolates (30 g)
€ 3,95

Chocolate: sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, milk, emulsifier, aroma, selected pepper extracts
Finally a delicious drink with a kick! This LIMONCELLO is the perfect drink in summer, winter, spring and what the hell, also in autumn!

The variaties are endless: take a shot, drink it with your dessert, add it to your mixed drink. It’s fantastic no matter what you do with it!

Semi-dry. Spirit-strong. Lemon-balanced. Pepper-shaken. Shot-proof. Super-delicious.

Small tube (4 cl)      € 3,75
Bigger cube (10 cl)  € 8,95

35% alcohol, sugar water, fresh lemons
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For example, if you or the other is really into the heat, go for a Heatrium 3-gift box with 3 of our ‘biggies’. Show just how big your heart and love are. Eternal gratitude awaits you.

Heatrium Paste basic (220 g)
Heatrium Spirit (10 cl)
Heatrium Shock (30 g)

With the 15% discount, this will only cost you € 16,-

Or if you are in need of the perfect birthday gift, go for a 4 piece gift box. Choose for example some delicious Heatrium Paste, Spirit, Lemon and Shock, all in one box. Show your affection and originality with this range of hot stuff.

Heatrium Paste basic (220 g)
Heatrium Spirit (10 cl)
Heatrium Lemon (10 cl)
Heatrium Shock (30 g)

This fantastic box, with a 25% discount, will only cost you € 20,85

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