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delicious stuff with the hottest peppers in the world!

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Delicious hot sauce/sambal, deceptive chocolate, and insane wodka. With bits or lots of the hottest peppers in the world!


Pepper galaxy: which are the hottest, how to measure the heat? Heatrium: the hottest chemical compound on the block.

About The Heatory

We explored what to do with Carolina Reapers, and suddenly found ourselves in this strange universe of unbearable peppers.

Raving reviews!

“I thought I had seen all the weird shit!” — Mick Jagger

 “NOW I am experienced” — Jimi Hendrix

“Heatrium Spirit sweetly clears any clogged up sewer, just be careful with it” — Jan de Bruin, Plumber

Delicious. Explosive. Alienating. Or all.